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Month-to-month Trailer Rental with Full Maintenance

Rental Options

Short-Term Rentals

  • Month to month rentals available
  • Full maintenance

Long Term Rentals

  • 12 to 84 month terms
  • Net/Net or full maintenance
  • Upgrade eligibility
  • Out of service loaner eligibility

Rent to Own

  • 12 to 120 month terms
  • Net/Net or full maintenance
  • Rental payments applied to equity

Rental Categories

  • Storage on site or stored at our facility
  • Cartage or city rentals
  • Highway or over the road

Trailer Rental Types

  • Dry van trailers 28’ to 53’ length
  • Refrigerated trailers 48’ to 53’ length
  • Flatbed or platform trailers 48’ to 53’ length
  • Container chassis 20’ to 53’ length
  • Heater van trailers 48’ to 53’ length

Advantages to Renting

The option to return at any time when the trailer is no longer required.
No money required up front; with flexible payment options.
Rental assets are serviced and repaired regularly and ready for service.
GTA offers the newest equipment, and technology advancements.
Benefit from our 24/7/365 emergency road service, and extensive service network.
Quick response to fulfilling additional fleet requirements when they arise, and easy returns when equipment is no longer required.
Variety of specs and manufacturer’s to best fit your needs and requirements.